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Great presentation, unbelievable depth of knowledge and experience.  R Barry

Robert, It was a pleasure attending your excellent class last night. Robert Lee

Big chairs hard to maneuver, loud bowling noise.  S. Fortier

You guys run a great 4 hour class and a tight ship.Best Cont. Ed. class I've taken for Connecticut. They run a great Seminar i come up from NY to take the seminar. I'll see you soon.  Dan@wirenyc

Very well done and very informative -B. Bosco

Instructor was GREAT.-T Ligouri

 Your continuing Ed Class was very informative, different than any one I have taken to date.  Instructors never cover
OSHA, or applicable Building Codes that Electrical Contractors always find out the hard way.  I am most concerned with OSHARequirements and Arc Flash at this point.   Protective clothing, I would like to get more information on that.  The OSHA book isHard to read/ understand.  Elevated heights etc…  A contractor friendly book would be great.  I am also interested in Solar.
I work mainly in the wireless industry but would like to diversify and always had an interest in Solar.
 And I have over a dozen licenses that require CE, and I would like to see if some of them would accept the class I just took.
 And I am definitely interested in the Solar, if you have a brochure or any info you can forward me I would greatly appreciate it.
Edward Cuff
EC Electrical Contractor Inc.

Good afternoon Rob
             I have been doing CEU classes since 1996 . Last night you gave some good information but also kept it entertaining which I think is most important when everyone works all day then sits for additional 4 plus hours in the evening .  You took your family time to give additional class for us last minute people and I thank you again so much for getting me in. Thank you .
Todd Caslander
Coli Electric Contractors, Inc.

Hi Robert thankyou for having a late class for all of us last minute students .The small class was great I'd rather pay more and have a small class .The information you provided us with was great thanks again Tommy Kralovenec
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