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       2018 Educational Courses
            Classes to be scheduled shortly
                                 Call us for Multi-Class discounts-203.667.2624
  Classes WILL be available for online study
                  NY, NJ & CT
This course is complete preparation for taking any of the above licensing exams and will include NEC Code, calculations and formulas, definitions, practice exams etc.
          You MUSTstudy to pass!!!
Cram Exam course  $700 for 4 nights
Must pre register-Call for Info

CT. Business law and Project Management 
(Need to have NASCLA Contractor Guide to business, law and project management CT 4th edition for E-1)
This class will be available 
Online April 2018

 Changes- The 2017 National Electrical Code
Being adopted SOON by NY and CT

 Changes- The 2017 National Electrical Code
Comprehensive analysis of change. This in depth course will go over entire 2014-2017 changes. This course is 8+ hours so be prepared!!   
Starts at 8:00  
$150.00 for registered students
 $175.00 at the door

Other Courses
Solar Photovoltaic Systems
NFPA 99 Health Care Code
OSHA 10 and 30
Lead abatement
Grounding & Bonding
Extremely Extensive course to include: Definitions,General Fundamentals, Separately Derived Systems, Grounding Electrode Systems, General Fundamentals, Grounding Electrical Systems and Services, Grounding and Bonding for Electronic Equipment, 1000 Volt systems and more.....
Starts at 4:30 for $125.00 registered students
 $150.00 at the door
Sept, Oct and November 2018

Wiring Comprehensive
If you want your company to work smarter and increase production take this extensive course covering the National Electric Code from Cover to Cover
Starts at 4:30 for $125.00 registered students
 $150.00 at the door

Swimming Pools Article 680
End the COSTY confusion of Pool and Spa wiring. this course will cover definitions,Bonding and Grounding, Permanent and Storable Pools, Therapeutic and Hydromassage tubs,Fountains, etc.
              April 2018
$125 registered students
 $150.00 at the door

Other courses:
  •  NFPA-70E  Electrical Safety
  •  NFPA-72 Fire Alarm and Signaling 
  • OSHA 10 and 30
  • Lead Cert. and renewals
Call or e mail for more information on classes in your neighborhood or set up customized classes for you or your company. 

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